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Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!


Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!Linda Kristich for Mayor Shady Cove Hi neighbor!


My name is Linda Kristich. In 2016, I was elected by the citizens of the city of Shady Cove to serve them on the Shady Cove City Council.


I campaigned on the promise that I would not vote to raise fees or taxes on the city’s residents.


Throughout my term I have kept my promise.


I am now running to serve the people as their mayor.


I have a degree in Industrial Design from the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design in Detroit, Michigan.


I have lived in the city of Shady Cove for more than ten years and I truly love this town and its people.

You may have seen me about town - at the grocery store, the post office, the hardware store, the local florists shop, or any of the other small businesses in town; I shop locally whenever possible!


Despite the fact that I have been on the Shady Cove City Council since 2017, I am not a politician and have never held a political office before sitting on the council.


Serving on the city council taught me a lot about how the city of Shady Cove is run. The mayor sets the agenda, and the council votes as to whether they agree or not with various items brought before the council. Shady Cove's mayor has considerable power in deciding how the city of Shady Cove functions.


The current mayor is not seeking reelection—and after much deliberation—I have decided to run for mayor.

My education involved the study of problem-solving, ergonomics, construction techniques, illustration and sculpting. After graduation, I worked for ten years at a major American automobile corporation as an automotive designer.


I designed interiors and exteriors for various cars and light trucks. In my spare time I built my own furniture, and helped to renovate a 1911 wooden sailboat, specifically called a "catboat."

While raising two children, I made additions to our home and maintained a pottery studio, which evolved into a clay studio from which I produced large wall reliefs for a local Michigan gallery.

I am proud of my two children. Both have grown to become productive members of society. My daughter went on to earn a degree in interior design and she now works in historical building renovation. My son recently became a police officer for a local city in the Rogue Valley.

I am now retired.

An avid reader of American history, I began taking a strong interest in politics. I firmly believe that those elected have the responsibility to represent the wishes of the people.

I strongly feel that this is my major impetus for seeking public office. I believe elected officials are there to SERVE the people, and to act with humility, honor, honesty, and respect for others.