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Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!


Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!We can turn things around - with effort and courage.I am sharing the choices I am making on my ballot, to give you greater insight into how I will represent you.



The local ballot measures at issue this November 6, 2018 and my opinions related to them.












Shady Cove Oregon City Council

MEASURE 15-177

The annexation of the City of Shady Cove's Sewer System into Rogue Valley Sewer Services District

Shady Cove Oregon City Council


I will vote no.


Should the people of Shady Cove agree to allow this transfer, they will have no protection from future rate increases. The citizens would have no say in how the system would be operated because the proposed give away would leave the city without any representative on the board. Further, I believe as things stand today, the city could already reduce rates about $16.00 per month without any reduction in service.


The city's sewer operation is the last remaining income producing asset the city has - and there is no good reason why the people of Shady Cove should allow this asset giveaway.


Allowing the city to divest itself of its last remaining cash generating asset would be a mistake that could never be corrected once the deal is done.


I will vote no on MEASURE 15-177 - AND YOU SHOULD TOO!




MEASURE 15-179


Recreational Marijuana Retailers' Sale of Marijuana


Shady Cove Oregon City Council



Currently, the state of Oregon assesses a 17 percent tax on retail marijuana sales and allows local jurisdictions to enact a 3 percent tax. In fiscal year 2017, those funds generated $85 million in revenue statewide. It is expected to exceed $100 million the in 2018 fiscal year.


An article in the Mail Tribune noted that the city of Medford recently met to discuss how it will spend the $664,000.00 it collected over the past 6 months. Though the residents of Shady Cove voted to approve a local 3% tax in 2016, the city of Shady Cove saw $0 of that 3% in 2017 and 2018 because the residents of Shady Cove also banned the sale of the recreational product in the city by two votes.


Opponents of the measure miss the point. Like it or not, marijuana sales still occur within the city of Shady Cove; however the city sees no revenue gain.


The “black market” takes over where legal, regulated stores cannot operate. The “black market” gladly sells to minors, especially because legal stores refuse to.


Legal stores also provide tested products that list the product’s THC and/or CBD content. Testing also gives the customer confidence in the quality of the product, as tested plants cannot be sold if they contain dangerous chemicals. “Black market” growers have no incentive to grow “clean” plants because their plants are not tested. The faster a “black market” dealer can produce their product, the better it is for them.


Medical use


Additionally, as more is learned about the cannabis plant’s beneficial medicinal qualities in the treatment of seizures, glaucoma, cancer and arthritis to name but a few, the value of the plant grows with each new discovery.


The city of Shady Cove has many senior citizens who would benefit from the medicinal properties of the plant. The sole shop in town could not survive on medical sales alone and has since closed. Customers must now go elsewhere to buy their medicine.


I am passionate about providing the convenient availability of cannabis within Shady Cove, not just for the revenue but also for local access to medical marijuana. My mother struggled with breast cancer for seven years. She was radiated, and received chemotherapy during her struggle with the disease.


In her weakened state my mother developed osteoporosis and lost ten inches in height because her spinal cord bones began to dissolve. My once beautiful mother died bald, bloated and in severe pain at my current age. I will never forget the experience - and I vowed to never repeat her chosen mode of treatment.


It is possible that someday I too will get cancer, my research shows that Rick Simpson Oil, an oil derived from the cannabis plant, has been used by many to overcome cancer in a much more humane way.


Some call it Karma, some call it cause and effect, but the basic principal is simple. You reap what you sow. Take away someone’s freedom and your freedom will be in jeopardy. Live and let live.


Some like a glass of wine, others prefer something a little stronger, and some don’t like the taste of alcohol at all. Why shouldn’t those who choose cannabis over alcohol be able to purchase their form of relaxation locally? After all there are more than 25 places in Shady Cove to buy a beer.


Hypocrisy is among the worst of undesirable human traits.


I do not use marijuana, but I will vote yes on 15-179.






MEASURE 15-181


Expands Definition of Firearms and Limits Enforcement of Firearms Laws

Shady Cove Oregon City Council

I have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution - all of it.


I support and defend the Second Amendment and I will vote yes on MEASURE 15-181.