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Linda Kristich - Shady Cove Oregon

Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!


Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!We can turn things around - with effort and courage.1.) My primary goal as mayor, would be to provide the smallest city government possible along with the highest level of service—more than any other small city in the state of Oregon.


The average age of the people in Shady Cove is about 55 years old. Many residents in Shady Cove are retired and live on fixed incomes, incomes which have seen no appreciable rise since 2008.


As inflation commands more and more of one’s monthly income, one must make difficult choices in order to survive. The city should not take any more money than is absolutely necessary from its residents—especially from those struggling to stay in their homes.


I will continue to vote against any increase in fees and regulations on the citizens of Shady Cove.


Since Social Security has not increased the cost of living appreciably since 2008, recipients have had to tighten their belts to adjust to ever rising costs. I have no interest in taxing people out of their homes and intend to reject any increase in government expansion.


Additionally those who work in the private sector have had to accept ever shrinking hours, benefits and salaries in order to maintain a competitive edge within the market place. All the while, governments are under no pressure to cut back on expenditures. It is unrealistic escalate fixed costs on those who can least afford such increases.

2.) Streamline and publish city ordinances on a much more user-friendly website.

Since Shady Cove residents are responsible for keeping the city's ordinances, residents should at the very least, be able to access the rules easily so that they might comply. Additionally, city ordinances should not be overly complex and cumbersome. After all, the goal is compliance and not confusion.



3.) I will work to provide superior service in the event of a natural disaster.



Fires, floods and earthquakes promise to make our lives interesting into the future. Forethought as to how to manage a catastrophe is far superior to afterthought. Establishing state and federal connections early before any significant event will make the healing process much more efficient.


A study of the lessons of Emergency Management suggests that it is only a matter of time before an earthquake, flood or other natural catastrophe occurs in our area. Should such a significant event occur within the city of Shady Cove, it is the city’s responsibility to deal with the peril quickly and effectively.


It is of paramount importance to make certain that the city’s staff are encouraged to keep up to date on the most recent event contingency information possible by keeping their emergency contacts current, training to use the most current city practices related to emergency management, and continuing education.


Given the right preperation, and should anything unexpected occur, the city would be in a position to deal with the challenge quickly and efficiently - fully trained to work to return things to normal as soon as possible.


Running a city requires vision and a focus on the future. When calamity strikes, there is no time to assign blame - there is only time for action. Being fully prepared makes for a swift, decicive response .


I am prepared to make the effort needed to ensure a rapid, effective city response to any emergency affecting our citizens.