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Why elect me to be your mayor?
Linda Kristich - Shady Cove Oregon

Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!


Let's make Shady Cove beautiful!Linda Kristich for Shady Cove City CouncilWhy should you elect me to be your mayor?


Because I care about the people of Shady Cove. I have fought to protect your interests - and I will continue to fight for you.


I am the only member of the Shady Cove City Council to oppose the transfer the city’s right to nearly 5 acres of land on the Rogue River to a private real estate developer. This land was promised to become a city park by a previous city council.


I fought against the deal but was outnumbered 4 to 1. My fellow councilors could apparently not envision a park and boat ramp on the undeveloped property and chose instead to liquidate the property for a mere $80,000.00!


Yes, the land was poorly maintained (we can thank the city for that too) and overgrown with black berry bushes, but the land was on the Rogue River and it was a gift. The city doesn’t even have to pay property taxes on the parcel. Is it truly a problem to have a boat ramp in a flood zone? I think not.


Drive down to the end of Brophy Way today and take a look at what looks to be a beautiful park, now that the black berry bushes have been cleared and the low-spots filled. The parcel does today resemble a park - a park once promised to the people of Shady Cove - and another promise broken.


There is nothing the people can do to hold their leaders accountable for these broken promises – except to put honest, ethical candidates into office this November.


I oppose the selling of any city asset in closed “executive session” council meetings - as the past council has done.


I am fully aware that many residents of Shady Cove are on a fixed income and have fought hard against any increase in their fees or taxes. As your representative, I will continue work hard to resist increases in local fees and taxes.


I am dedicated and promise to continue work hard as your representative, and to be available to listen to the citizen's problems, suggestions, and ideas.


Working together, we can make the City of Shady Cove a more attractive place to live, work, and relax.